Together, we can dream up new possibilities

We offer a range of services and expertise to help you bring your brand’s vision to life.
strategic framework

Who we are informs how we work

Our values shape our decisions and propel us toward excellence.

Dream to

by leveraging deep human insights and scientific understanding.

dare to

by challenging convention to reshape the unmet need and then boldly bringing the brand to life.


through an omnichannel approach that pays attention to what matters to customers and makes better treatment a reality.​


What we can do

At DDB Health, we bring our bold vision, passion, and empathy to everything we do.
A sales rep engages with HCPs in lab coats.

HCP & Patient Promotion

Imagining new worlds that empower the healthcare and patient/caregiver communities.

  • Brand and Campaign Development
  • Pre-Launch Market Development
  • High-Science Educational Campaigns
A woman staring at a computer screen filled with different icons.

Digital Expertise​

Executing with a confidence developed through extensive experience.

  • User Experience
  • Multichannel Engagement Planning
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web and Digital Design Experts
  • Technology Experts
A woman stands in front of a whiteboard with notes on it.

Strategic Planning & Brand Building

Creating the bold vision that brings market-shaping brands to life.

  • Brand Planning and Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • Engagement Planning
  • Medical Services
  • Launch Planning
A man holding a tablet device has a telemedicine visit with a doctor.

Global Insights​

Collaborating with our partners to leverage their unique perspectives.

  • Local Market Expertise 
  • Seamless Global Integration